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Band of Brothers Guild is currently under new management and will be in the process of updating and upgrading all aspects of its guildness. All Brothers and Sisters are encouraged to participate. This is the first time this has been edited in over four years.


The old guild required at least a year of formal concert band and a family member already within the ranks, or must have been in a TV show about WW2 in Europe.

Nowadays, the guild is much more inclusive. We tend to have good alignments, but it isn't a requirement. However, if you say that you don't like bacon on the guild council, you may be kicked. Join or not, but either way we shall be the best.

Who We Were

We were here to do our gods bidding and to make this world a better place by ridding it of some "evil". We were here to keep the peace through classical music or brutal force and we will stop at nothing to make each other proud.

Who We Are

Today,the guild focuses on welcoming new members and giving advice while ridding the world of monsters.

History of the Guild

....and so it was for a long, long, long time. As time went on, as time is wont to do, members of the Band of Brothers Guild began to die off. A heretofore unknown and strange affliction had invaded Godville. Some succumbed quietly, others with much moaning and groaning. Sadly, once infected, all hope was lost and whether the end came quickly or took its time, there was no escaping the deadly effects of boredom.

A few low ranking survivors were able to escape by defecting to other guilds. It remains to be seen if they were in fact carriers of this most dreaded disease...boredom. They took anything of value the Guild possessed, including all brass band equipment and many awards the Guild had amassed during its glory days. The only things left behind, being considered worthless or too heavy for the laggards to carry, was a strange cast iron box enclosing several metal racks suspended over a coal pit, accessed by a tempered glass door on one side and containing an incredibly inexhaustible supply of bacon.

Centuries passed, and after innumerable, undocumented events there came a strange and awkward figure upon the scene. A God unlike any before arrived at the humble entrance of the guild cave. No longer the magnificent portico and opulent facade was apparent, but a dark and slightly unpleasant smelling cave-like hole presented itself to Amalthe. Weak and near death, this humble being crawled and inched his way toward the only hope of salvation left within his grasp. A dark, dank and foul-smelling entrance, yes; but would this apparent hell-hole be the one last chance at immortality for this humble servant of the one true almighty? An intoxicating aroma surrounded him, uplifting and invigorating him beyond reason. Restoring and replenishing critical resources, Amalthe is drawn toward the inner sanctuary of the Band of Brothers Guild. As Amalthe progressed within the guild ranks, Amalthe found the great guild hall, where the great debates of the guild once took place. Now, gods and goddesses still sat around the table, but in silence. Even after earning the right to speak, Amalthe sat silently like the others.

Until the day.

Finally, Amalthe sent out a question, a whisper in the darkness, "Hello?" And for a long time none answered. Finally another voice, one that had but recently joined, replied. The voice of the Second, Grace Atan, joined the council. The efforts of these two deities slowly relieved the boredom plague through the generous application of bacon.

Today, the halls have been cleaned, the rooms refurnished, and the facade restored. Now, all are welcome to join the Band of Brothers Guild through the simple godvoice: "Join "Band of Brothers" guild! All new members are awarded a gift basket of bacon upon joining the guild chat.