Ballistic Slug

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Monsters of Godville
Ballistic Slug
Limax praerapidus
It's a plane! It's a bird! NO, IT'S A BALLISTIC SLUG
Class Insect
Habitat In dense forests, especially when hunters are nearby
Description A slug that goes very fast


The Ballistic Slug (Limax praerapidus) is an insect of unparalleled speed. It appears to be a normal slug, but with a lightning symbol on its back. Recorded speeds can go up to 10000 mph.[1] Ballistic Slugs are to be treated with extreme caution.


The Ballistic Slug used to be a normal slug, until on one fateful day it underwent its transformation.


One fine sunny day it was on a leaf in a tree, doing its favorite activity, eating leaves. Suddenly, a hero appeared out of nowhere and decided to use his new tazer on the slug. By sheer luck the hero somehow managed to hit the slug, and the slug received an electric shock. Now, tazers can usually kill slugs, but the god of said hero felt bad for the slug, so he imbued the power of electricity to the slug. This supercharged the slug, and it became the Ballistic Slug.


Now, the slug is happily cruising along with its newfound powers, and reached Godville in one second flat. There, a trader was selling a new artifact, the Television[2]. As a display, the trader put on Spider Man to attract heroes. The Ballistic Slug was also greatly interested in it, and heard the famous line "With great power comes with great responsibility."

Therefore, the Ballistic Slug aspired to be a great hero.

A Big Letdown

Firstly, the Ballistic Slug attempted to help a girl whose balloon got stuck in a tree. However it couldn't slow down enough and smacked real hard into the balloon. Obviously the balloon popped and the girl cried.

Secondly, it tried to save a hero from a Strong Monster. However, it again failed to stop in time and crashed into the hero. Really hard.[3]

As you can imagine, the people of Godville were not really happy with our wannabe super hero, and they showed it by chasing it out of Godville with pitchforks and torches.


All the Ballistic Slug wanted to do was to help people, but they didn't understand it. Nowadays, it roams near the forest where it got its powers, lying in wait for the hero who tazed him in the first place.



  • Extremely fast.
  • Diminutive size makes it hard to spot.
  • E=mc²[4]= big ouchie on impact.[5]


  • Slug repellant.
  • Easily squashed when caught.
  • Mortal fear of tazers and electricity.


  1. Which is much faster than your average muzzle velocity.
  2. "We Have Colour TV!!!!"
  3. The hero ended up in the hospital for a concussion, heart attack and an unexplained, strange aversion to beer.
  4. E=Energy, m=mass, c=velocity
  5. Explanation: Double the mass, double the energy. Double the velocity, quadruple the energy. The Ballistic Slug is lightweight yet extremely fast, so even the most witless hero can figure out what that means.

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