Bag of jellyfish sticks

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Artifacts of Godville
Bag of jellyfish sticks
Type 🧷Normal
Description a healthy snack for healthy heroes

While fishing, many heroes have catched a bag of this snacks. They appear in streams, ponds and beaches among many other fishing spots. Every bag (averagely) packs 20 fried tentacles with a little condiment stored into an egg, sometimes they even come with fries! Funny enough, heroes usually mistake this paper bags for loot and instead of enjoying this jellyfish dish, they sell it to traders for some coins. More ironically, this product is often served at pubs along with a bucket of pints. And heroes love it.

One may ask who manufactures this bags and why it just decides throw them randomly into water bodies, may this be the case. And we would love to tell you, once we figure it out.