Bad Samaritan

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Monsters of Godville
Bad Samaritan
Malum quia Samaritanus
Description Unknown

The Bad Samaritan, archenemy of Good Samaritan, walks the earth pouring salt in wounds, kicking babies, and conducting general mischief and spreading malcontent. The Samaritan moniker is often misleading owing to a millenniums old parable which coincides with the name of Samarita, a small town.

Legends say Bad Samaritan was once a righteous man who found pleasure in charity and tending the elderly. It all changed when Good, also a Samaritan, found a woman who had twisted an ankle while performing an elaborate dance routine on the road and took her home and healed her without realizing it was the mother of Bad. They promptly fell in love, causing a divorce in the Bad family, and Bad Samaritan has renounced his faith and morals ever since in favor of spiting the universe which had so cruelly spat on his good karma on Reddot and then also on his goodwill.