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Motto: Bring your own beers
Alignment: Whatever tickles your fancy
Gold Fund: Enough for a beer run! c.u.
Date Founded: Sep 2011
Membership Count: Increasing
Pantheon of unity Rank: Increasing
Guild Page: BYOB 

BYOB - Once somebody is sober enough from bringing their own beers they will finish this page. The current mission of BYOB is to raise ownership influence in Beerburgh until it is the guild's headquarters. To do that gods must influence (encourage or punish) his/her hero while he/she is in Beerburgh, at Milestone 30. Once that is accomplished, not only will BYOB members earn more benefits while in Beerburgh, they won't have to bring as much of their own beers because the beers will already be there!


Welcome. Cookies on the right. Beer is on the left. Watch the 'darts x-ing' area. @Deltadestiny can get a little wild with some of his shots. The trampoline, and LEGO playground are downstairs. Billiards are over by the darts. The cinaplex is in the back room. We have a wandering street taco cart, and several other snacks carts around the place. We have pizza, pretzels and a bakery.

To all new members, we hope you enjoy your time here at Guild B.Y.O.B. We encourage all to participate in chat and the random silliness. Several of us have been playing for a spell. Ask questions. I promise I asked all kinds of questions. You won't be made of fun of. None of us knew when we started, but over time with the help of the group and little extra effort from some members. We have a pretty fair database of information on how the game works.

Speaking of, you can also check out the guild forum from the guild page. There are links there to many of the old update newsletters from the makers. And answers to a few other things.

The drunkard dunking tank. It is for ordaining new drunkards. Inbetween ordinations current drunkards can sit in it waiting to be dunked into a pool of beer of their choice.