Awesome Sods

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Awesome Sods
Champion of the God: The Mighty Stang
Personality: Outgoing
Gender: Male
Level: No Limits
Motto: Fo✔ward, into the paths!
Guild: Righteous guild!
Guild Rank: FowlMaster
Temple Completion Date: 2016
Pet Type: Helpmeat
Pet Name: Judy
Pet Level:

Oh, cursed be these long and lonely travails and travels of Awesome Sods. Fellow traveler, if a spot in your heart you'll have for my weavings of earthly concerns and heavenly conceits, then, please, sit at my fire, warm yourself in peace and hear my tale. For, if by chance such you have, you might share a portion of your larder, then so much the better. Never let it be said that Awesome Sods would attempt speech against the rumblings of hunger. You shall have the guest's share of mine, if such you lack. If possibly there be potables involved, then the god's should be praised for relieving the cares of man, and waste no more time in sharing. If indeed there be anything stronger, ahem – I have been known to partake from time to time, just to help along the imagination, of course.

Come now, and hear my tale...