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Awesome is.

Motto: Awesome is awesomeness incarnate - the rest are only pretenders!
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 24,331 c.u.
Date Founded: 18th Feb 2011
Membership Count: 180 (if only, now it's just 31)
Town with Greatest Influence: Lostway (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 30
Guild Page: Awesome 
Data current as of 5th May 2019


The Awesome guild is one of the most powerful and influential guilds in all of Godville. We are the one and only original guild of complete awesomeness, and any other guild who uses any part of our name for their own devious and evil schemes must be taunted unmercifully. We wave our private parts at them. Awesome is awesomeness incarnate - the rest are only pretenders!

We did not start this war, but we will finish it. Bring it.


  • GodDeep Thought  - Currently his whereabouts are unknown, whisperings of his past deeds still float around the halls of the Awesome guild.

Awesome guild - Deep Thought is truly honored by his placement here. While I have indeed moved on and am currently a member of the Guide to the Galaxy, I am thrilled to see you continue your thrashing of the pretenders at awesomeness. Strength and honor!


Awesomeness - Although few recall why the war started, many have speculated that when the God's created the world, these two guilds were once one in the same. And then one day something something graffiti, something something phallus. And so it is to this day that they fight over nouns and adjectives.

However, it has been years since this conflict, and as of recent, all known members of the guild Awesomeness have been lost to the depths of inactivity. As such, the remnants of the guild are untraceable and the war can be brought to a respectful truce as of the 13th of April 2019.


It is known that the Awesome-Awesomeness War, in which our guild fought numerous battles against the pretenders, as well as their numerous associates that took upon the derivation of Awesome, had occurred at some point around 2011 and stretched on for presumably a while, since no one updated the page, even with the demise of Awesomeness. Nevertheless, it was during this war that the guild reached the zenith of its power, gaining 108 members, and while not having a defined sense of morality as of yet (neutral good as of 24th of February 2012), it was still quite affluent and influential. However, age took its toll upon the guild, and in spite of the return of the legendary Deep Thought in 2015, he has since left once again to the guild 42 - THE Answer, which was only natural given his inherent connection.

But now, Awesome shall make a return to the stage of Godville, renewed in activity and vigour! The glory of the old days shall not only be relived, but the present will become glorious in itself. For we are awesome, and we are awesomeness incarnate!

This process of rebuilding began under the influence of music - specifically types of modern music coming into play. Multiple contributions from the guild leader at the time (Andi Thanoj) resulted in the Awesome play list being created: This playlist was, and still is, a bastion of glorious music to be heard throughout Godville. Soon enough, a Discord Server shall also be constructed.


If you would like to be Awesome, command your hero to join the "Awesome" guild and if they are awesome enough, they will become awesome!

Should you find your hero trying to join another guild, command them to cancel quest and they will continue to be Awesome!


Update 2019/04/13 (Now using Y/M/D just so no one gets confused) - Time to start reforming the wiki page, given that the guild has changed significantly, so half the stuff here is out of date, which is unfortunate.

Update 2/24/2012 Suddenly, there was news about a golden calf grazing in a field near Godville. Mighty One, was that your handiwork? I took this opportunity and declared it a sacred symbol of the “Awesome” guild.

Update 1/20/2012 I, just a chief master of the guild, enjoy the awesome guild and wish to see it move on.

Update 7/15/2011 - Deep Thought, acting on behalf of the Awesome guild, is seriously considering ignoring future hacks from the inferior guild with the similar name. Their total lack of imagination is sad, to say the least. These buffoons prove consistently that they are not worthy of attention from Awesome. Really, all you can do is draw a phallus? Boring...

Does anyone read this anymore I wonder? Hmm...well then...

alethio: I did

22:37: Suddenly, there was news about a golden calf grazing in a field near Godville. My Goddess, was that your handiwork? I took this opportunity and declared it a sacred symbol of the “Awesome” guild.