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Deities of Godville
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Hero [Nevv]
Harvest Moon

Either chill as a cucumber, or I-will-turn-your-body-inside-out aggressive (you will usually encounter this version in the Arena).

There has been a little confusion over the spelling of "Nevv", so I'm proud to... not provide any clarity whatsoever.

Can be both /nɛv/ or /nü/ because I created the name by accident, so have fun!

I also primarily go by "Nevv" instead of "Avolyt", simply because it is easier.

Feel free to visit my YouTube channel as well.

Avolyt's Arena Guide

This content takes a page from Arena, GodHairplug4men (U • C • T)  and GodS K Y (U • C • T) , alongside experience from Honored Jr. Dueler's Pantheon.

Before Entering

  • Restore to 100% GP (God Power) or you will be disadvantaged in a certain duel type.
  • Understand that alignment, skills, equipment, or auras have no effect in the arena.
  • Be cognizant of duel notifications and set aside time for extended duels.
  • Enable "auto-discharge" in the game settings.

Finding a Match

  • Once you hit "Send to Arena", your hero will try to find an opponent for 15 minutes.
  • If you don't find a match, you can try again in 1 hour.
  • After a duel ends, you can duel again in 4 hours.
  • Juniors can only match with fellow Juniors, and likewise with Senior (Templed) duelers.
  • Jr players with 0-4 wins / 5-49 wins / 50+ wins can match.
  • Any templed players can match.


Actions (25 GP): Encourage/Punish. Encourage heals yourself, while Punishing damages the opponent (this is your bread & butter).

  • In a regular duel, there will be 1 guaranteed backfire out of every 6 actions. After 6 actions are used, the chance to get a backfire resets (to another 1/6).
  • Backfires are actions that will either:
  1. Do nothing
  2. Heal/Damage both players (for ~half of an encourage/punish)
  3. Heal the opponent/Damage yourself (called a "Full Backfire")
  • In a regular duel, both fighters are limited to 4 actions. When you use an action, your opponent gains an action and vice versa.
  • If you use all your actions while your opponent uses none, you will be unable to action and will become "Action Locked".

Voice Commands (5 GP): Hit/Heal/Block/Pray

  • Hit (or an equivalent voice command): Inflicts ~1/2 damage of a punish to the opponent.
  • Heal (or an equivalent voice command): Heals you for ~1/2 of an encourage.
  • Block (or an equivalent voice command): Reduces all incoming damage by 50%. Only works when the enemy hero is attacking you.
  • Pray (or an equivalent voice command): Recovers ~5-15 GP. Not recommended.
  • Voice commands (VCs) have a 33.3% success rate, or will succeed (on average) 3 out of the 10 times you issue them in a duel, and will reset to another 3/10 set just like backfires.
  • Swear words or mixing voice commands will cause the command to fail.

Miracles (50 GP): Can only be used only after completing a temple. Can either:

  • Damage an opponent's equipment.
  • Remove items from opponent's inventory.
  • Remove/Steal opponent's exp.
  • Steal opponent's GP (~10-25 GP).
  • Very rarely heal+attack+pray at the same time.
  • Not recommended, unless you are experienced.
  • Other players may also look down upon the use of miracles;
  • (But honestly, duelers can get salty from just about anything so it doesn't matter).

Special Duels

More often than not, you may come across duels with specific conditions such as:

"The godpower accumulator won't let you use more than 3 charges during this fight". (3 charge)

  • This is why you must recharge to 100% GP before every duel (or you may start with less GP than an opponent who recharged).
  • Recharging after entering the duel will count towards the 3 charge limit.
  • If you try to use more than 3 charges, both players will be notified in the duel log.
  • Never use attacking VCs (hit), as they have a chance to give GP to the opponent.
  • You can use the Godpower Capacitator in the newspaper to give you extra GP during the duel. (I usually wait until it fills to 20-25%)
  • Keep track of your GP consumption
  • Templed players who have reached their savings goal will be able to have 200% GP at the beginning of a duel.
  • Hairplug4men's guide goes into much more detail about 3 charge strategy. Give it a read!!

"Heroes won't be able to hear their gods due to audience uproar" (No voice commands).

  • Keeping track of backfires will be imperative here, as voice commands will not work.
  • Do not to waste an encourage by using it when you have high HP, as you may recover less HP than if you used it at lower health.
  • Try punishing on their backfire.

"Arena priests set maximum action limit to 2 (instead of 4) for this fight". (2 action)

  • It will be very easy to get Action Locked in this type of duel, so don't blow all your actions at once.
  • Gaining Advantage will be crucial in this scenario.

"The divine influences here are more likely to backfire than usual" (Multiple backfires).

  • Instead of the usual 1 of 6 backfires per set, they will come in 1 out of 4 actions instead.
  • Strategy similar to the No VC duel.
  • The safer option is usually to encourage if you know a backfire is due.

"Each turn both opponents lose some health points".

  • Heroes will lose~ 3% of their total health per turn.
  • Ensure you take into account the extra damage dealt when near low HP, as it might be easy for either player to finish off the other with that extra damage.

"The audience is impatient, so this fight will be twice as fast as usual". (Twice as fast)

  • Both duelers will be attacking at the same time;
  • However, it will only be one person's "turn" for the entire duel.
  • Whoever is listed as the attacker first during each step = their turn (meaning they can't block)
  • One strategy is to keep the opponent's health lower than yours and keep punishing (if they aren't blocking). As health goes down rapidly, they will be the first to 1 hp.
  • If you are unable to block, you can try Block Baiting to waste their blocks.

Duel Progression

  • When both heroes reach 1 hp at the same time, they will be healed by a small amount and the duel will continue.
  • At around 60/90/120/150 steps, damage and healing will ramp up to prevent lengthy fights.

Advanced Tips & Strategies

Action Locking: When you force your opponent to deplete their actions while using none of yours.

  • This should only be attempted at reasonably high health and ideally higher than your opponent's.
  • Duelers periodically "take away" actions from their opponent by not using their own.
  • However, you should not stop using actions for consecutive turns, or they can just rush you and you'll die from a backfire at low HP.
  • You can waste their actions by successfully blocking their punishes or simply waiting for a full backfire.
  • You can also nullify their actions by gaining Advantage.
  • Once you have locked your opponent, you can just wait for them to reach low health and then bring them to 1 hp with a punish;
  • OR you can just start punishing earlier and hope for their low HP backfire.
  • It is preferred to have a guaranteed successful action when you perform the last step punish.
  • This usually occurs in duels at a higher level, as they can drag on to 100+ steps (it's one way to prevent a long duel).

Block Baiting: When you trick your opponent into blocking when you're not attacking.

  • Blocking is only advantageous if your opponent is doing significant damage to you.
  • Blocking a hero attack < using a "Heal" VC
  • Blocking a hero attack + punish > "Heal" VC
  • If you continue making your opponent waste his VCs on blocks, you will gain Advantage.
  • This is accomplished by varying your punishes and encourages - encouraging when they think you're punishing, and punishing when they think you're not going to.
  • Goes something like this:
  1. You keep punishing on your turn
  2. They think you'll keep punishing so they block
  3. You encourage on your turn so they waste a block
  4. They revert to healing voices so they don't waste a block
  5. You hit them with a punish so they start using blocks again.

Advantage: Things that can put yourself ahead in HP over your opponent without using actions:

  • Block Baiting (see above)
  • Blocking their punish
  • Tricking your opponent into encouraging over their max HP (aggressive start, they think you're gonna punish when they're at 90% HP so they encourage)
  • To be continued...


  • A common "tactic" is to simply bring your opponent's HP lower than yours and keep on the offensive until they backfire and die.
  • Encouraging close to full HP may decrease the amount of HP gained compared to encouraging at lower health.
  • When you're at low health and you're due for a backfire, try not to punish on their turn as you may get a backfire and take massive damage or even die.
  • If you received a full backfire and the opponent has not, you can drag out the duel to increase the chance of them receiving a full backfire too, or just allow you breathing space to regain Advantage.
  • This is not proven, but it seems that the game tends to decrease gaps in HP between duelers; allowing people to make a comeback. Will require testing.

Pantheon Tips

  • If your opponent is on the Pantheon of Gladiatorship, you can check their duel history by clicking on their win/loss ratio.
  • If you temple while dueling in the Jr bracket, you will transition to dueling fellow templed players and will still gain/lose Elo.
  • When aiming for a top spot in Junior's, be sure you aren't close to templing at the start of the season, or maintaining the position will be harder when fighting against templed veterans.
  • If you want to fight someone or avoid someone, keep track of their points in the dueler's pantheon.
  • This will show when their last duel was, so you can either send to arena immediately after you notice the change to avoid them, or try to nab them in 4 hours.

Boosting with alternate accounts is highly frowned upon and can easily get you banned.

2 honored Jr accounts