Avant Guard

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Avant Guard
Alignment: Neutral
Date Founded: May 16, 2020
Forum Headquarters: Avant Guard
Guild Page: Avant Guard 
Data current as of May 18, 2020


The Avant Guard is a guild open to all who would lay claim to the title of god. Recognizing the benefit of gathering into a pantheon like the gods of old, they consider the guild to be something of a pantheon unto itself. As in all pantheons, there may be some amount of infighting, or at least some disagreements between members, but those in the Avant Guard must act as allies to the others when needed, and are encouraged to even help each other's heroes.


Known simply to those in the Guard as "Home," the headquarters of the Avant Guard are a place of myth and legend... Though not in the sense you might think. Though nobody is quite sure who the creator of Home is, it appears to be made from bits and pieces of stories, legends, myths, and even some rumours from across the world(s). The first thing one might notice is the desert, which, despite not being PARTICULARLY large as far as deserts go, is large enough that the fact that it is constantly covered in wicked sandstorms makes it a fairly effective barrier to progress. The desert is traverse-able to most only by a single path through it which is protected by the mystical energy of a leyline. In this desert are two things of note- various ruins from what could either be one or many ancient civilizations (it's essentially impossible to tell without getting close, which the storm makes quite difficult), laying in ruined clusters around the whole desert, and a mountain, stretching so high that its peak is above the clouds. Indeed, its peak seems to be constantly hidden by clouds, which gather around it naturally.

At the base of the mountain stands an oasis, which is centered around a lake fed by a waterfall which runs down the mountain. Behind the waterfall, in a cavern inside the mountain, a river spirals down an impossible path into an abyss which seems endless, the spiraling water gurgling and whispering with faint voices that the sound of the river itself makes difficult to discern. The sides of the mountain are thickly forested, and echo with the sounds of a never-ending hunt. At the peak, beyond the clouds, the mountain eventually flattens, and on this peak, a cluster of mythical locations- or at least fragments of them- stand, many of which represent stories from far enough away (in time or space, really, it's largely immaterial which) that they are completely unfamiliar.


Home is attended by a number of people claiming to be something called "angels." It's unsure what exactly they are, but most people who look at them, or even talk to them, could swear there's nothing distinguishing them from humans. Some gods even seem to think they ARE humans, and that they're misunderstanding some local dialect and that "angels" are a tribe or society, rather than a race. The angels insist that this is not the case, but seem to take no offense at the speculation.

Angels ensure that Home remains tidy and in order, and encourage those gods who would call the place their home to claim portions of it for themselves. They seem to have few, if any, ambitions, and tend to be content to prepare food, repair damaged structures, and even act as announcers and organizers for the events the gods inhabiting Home inevitably think up. The Avant Guard, in turn, swear to treat the angels well, and to defend them as they would other members of the guild.