Avant-Guard Dog

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Monsters of Godville
Avant-Guard Dog
Canis Antecursores
Class Canine
Habitat Fields and monster homes
Description Loyal to any monster.

The Avant-Guard Dog (Canis Antecursores "Advance-Guard Dog") is a monster in Godville. Since the dawn of Heroinekind, rumors spread of mysterious dogs randomly showing up and saving the lives of monsters. Witnesses commonly describe that they barely got a look at the dog and only saw a blur of speed. The public dubbed the monster, The Avant-Guard Dog due to the dogs' sudden appearance right before the heroine can finish off a monster.

The saved monsters would run off, using the Avant-Guard Dog appearance as a chance to escape. Furious heroines quickly declared the Avant-Guard Dog a public enemy, and another monster of Godville.



  1. Can sense danger
  2. Very fast (Can outrun bullets)
  3. Powerful bite (can rip through flesh easily with no problem)
  4. Can see in the dark and hear sounds very well.


  1. No real weapons besides its teeth and claws.
  2. Telling the dog to stay and then running away.
  3. Can't swim.
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