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Monsters of Godville
Auto psittaciformes
Class Bird
Habitat Forests with frequent visitors
Description A bird that doesn't say the right thing

The Auto Parrot (Auto psittaciformes) is a monster that is a constant source of mild outrage for any Heroine unfortunate enough to encounter it.

General Information

The Autoparrot is a monster that is classified as a member of the Aves class within the bird subcategory of monsters. Its appearance is that of a normal parrot, and usually displays typical[1] parrot behavior when approached by others. However, the moment a Heroine enters its line of sight, it shows its true monstrous colors and becomes extremely hostile towards the Heroine, as well as any hapless humans that happen to be in the area.

During the interim between the initial discovery of the Autoparrot's existence and the Bureau of Monster Names going through its rigorous naming process, a few intrepid scientists stumbled across an Auto Corrector taking care of a small flock of Autoparrots[2]. Because of this, it is widely accepted within the scientific community that the Autoparrot's behavior and abilities can be directly attributed to this monster's influence.



  • Capable of extreme psychological damage due to constant mispronunciation of words
  • Tendency to group together and gang up on unsuspecting Heroines
  • Small size makes it difficult to strike


Notes and References

  1. Albeit overly friendly
  2. Said scientists were then viciously chased down by the irate Auto Corrector for both spying on it and for 'misspelling' a few words in their observation notes.
  3. Specifically, in a ratio of 2 Autoparrots per rock - the exact number is still being verified by the Godville DMZ, though.
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