Autoexec Bat

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Monsters of Godville
Autoexec Bat
Ipso Facto Exequi Vespertilionidae
Class Bat
Habitat Caves & Hard Drives
Description It's automatically a bat

The Autoexec Bat (Ipso Facto Exequi Vespertilionidae) is a monster that was designed to be a bat, is always a bat, and will never not be a bat. It starts being a bat automatically without any specialized education or training on how to do it.



  • Is automatic, so can slow down or speed up without a clutch
  • Is a bat, so it can fly and moves quickly
  • Has sonar capability and can see in the dark


  • Is only an exec file, so has to use the public restroom like the rest of its coworkers
  • Cannot hit a baseball, it's not that kind of bat
  • It is primarily weak to text editors