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Skills of Godville
Type 🏇Transport
Description Unknown

The Auto-stopping skill isn't the most popular skill in the world and is harder for some heroines to learn. Using this skill will help your heroine stop in specific towns, rather than passing them. This skill is strongest when directed to Godville, which is where the heroine's home is.


Level 1-5

The heroine will trip over their own foot. They will stop, but will be hurt in the process.

Level 6-10

The heroine will idly stand by, wanting something to do at this level. It may take a few voice commands to get them to "wake up".

Level 11-20

The heroine is able to shave off a few calories by not walking quite as far at this level.

Level 21+

The heroine is able to picture a stop sign in their mind and come to a complete stop at exactly the point of town they desire.