Aura of spookiness

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Auras of Godville
Aura of spookiness
It's ALIVE!!!
Effect Decreased monster fights + Striking fear in non-Heroines
Colour Black & Grey/Gray

The Aura of Spookiness is an aura that causes monsters, other heroes, and traders to fear the hero. The aura occurs immediately after a hero resurrects and, depending upon how long the hero has been dead, lasts between one and eight hours.

This aura occurs normally when it takes a while for heroes to be resurrected from their god. They had way too many good times drinking beer and hanging out with Death in the Underworld, so obviously they had learned a few tricks about scaring traders, other heroes and, on rare occasions, scaring themselves.

An Aura of Spookiness has many effects on a hero. They will be confronted by fewer monsters because someone who looks that spooky isn't worth fighting. In towns, traders will be scared into giving discounts to heroes on their wares. It is also a theory that it is harder to find an arena opponent or an ally for a boss battle.

Also, if a hero catches a glimpse of themself in a mirror, they may die of fright due to certain cosmetic issues such as, but not limited to, mouldy skin, visible bones, unsightly blemishes, popped blood vessels, yellow tinted skin, and glowing red eyes .

If a god resurrects a hero while another aura is still in effect, the hero will not receive the aura of spookiness.

!Hero's Diary
11:34 After lying dead for very long time, a part of me seems rotten. Oh well, I'm just going to call it the aura of spookiness and go scare some random passers by.

!Hero's Diary
07:22 AM Just before I came back to life, a tall bony fellow gave me an aura of spookiness as a parting gift.

!Hero's Diary
04:07 An editor from the Godville Times just walked up to me, waved his hands around, and made me glow with an aura of spookiness. When did the newspaper start hiring warlocks?.

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