Aura of saving

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Auras of Godville
Aura of saving
Aura of saving.jpeg
Frugal, fiscal, formal.
Effect Less wasting, more saving
Colour Mint Green

The Aura of saving is an aura that changes the heroine's outlook on life completely — but only temporarily.

Like its complementary-coloured aura of abstinence, it will prevent the heroine from wasting her gold on beer. Although she may try to buy from the trader, its most coveted feature is that — hence the name — she will save up for retirement.

Note that heroines without a fully-built Temple or Hero-Traders who already saved up for a shop are practically "immune" and won't get this aura.[1]


  • Incredibly formal contact
  • Smells of Cashmere regardless of existing odors
  • Once the aura wears off, the heroine will get an alcohol withdrawal shock.


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