Aura of nihilism

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Little is known about the true functions of this particular aura, but what is known has been documented by a few scholars whom have had the fortune of witnessing this aura in person across all of Godville's history.

If this aura has manifested itself upon your hero or heroine, immediately direct them towards the nearest institute of higher learning such that this aura/phenomenon may be further researched and understood.


According to what was recorded from the few observations ever made on this aura in question, the hero or heroine who has obtained this aura had undergone a dramatic physical and mental change. The aura can last up to roughly five hours from what has been observed.

Physical Changes

The clothing and great that a hero possesses will initially take on a duller color hue that will over the course of the aura's duration grow duller as the saturation of the colors decrease. The hero's gear will slowly return to normal after the aura has dissipated.

The hero's skin tone will go from its original color to a pale, sickly color as if the life was being drained from them. Dark bags will form under their sunken, glazed eyes and their expression shall become one that is a cross of a stoic and sad gaze. The speed of these changes can take from fifty minutes to an hour.

The hero, while under the influence of the aura of Nihilism, will be unmoved and immune to ALL Encouragements and Punishments. This shall become clear once the mental changes are explained.

Mental Changes

Regarding the hero's mental state, the aura of Nihilism overrides the hero's original thought patterns, if they had any, and replace them with thoughts that life is meaningless and there is no intrinsic value in anything as everything is subjective to one's perceptions since nothing can truly be objective.

The hero may also adopt the ideals regarding Solipsism as the hero has been convinced that only it exists and nothing else exists, that every monster it slays, ask the milestone it had passed while completing its many quests were all false. This further reinforces the hero's belief in nihilism that becomes so pervasive that a psychic barrier forms around the hero negating the effects of Punishments and Encouragements as they truly believe that not even their God or Goddess exists or matters.

The speed at which the mental changes vary between thirty seconds to two minutes, depending upon what the hero who has obtained this aura is doing. Sitting under a tree promotes these changes and quicken the process.


There are a few advantages to gaining this exotic aura, such as:

  • Decreased encounters with monsters while traveling between towns.
  • Increased resilience in fights as the hero does not care if it lives or dies.
  • Has a higher chance of acquiring extra gold from traders for items out of fear.
  • Free beer from taverns from other heroes as they can see you have it rough.


With these drastic mental changes, there are gonna be some drawbacks such as:

  • the hero may end up discarding all of his gold and earthly possessions, this includes weapons and clothing.
This is extremely rare but it does happen. You have been warned.
  • Immune to all forms of divine intervention such as Punishments and Encouragements.
  • The hero is extremely likely to disregard any and all voice commands.
  • The hero doesn't care enough to run away from a battle so death is a high probability while the aura of Nihilism is in effect.