Aura of immortality

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Auras of Godville
Aura of immortality
Embrace the Rainbow
Effect Absolute refusal of death
Colour Rainbow

The aura of immortality is a rather peculiar aura that taps into the latent ability of heroes to become more cautious and wreak less havoc to defy and avoid death. It generally lasts longer than other auras, at about 6 hours without further alterations.


An unnamed hero was once walking through a valley, when he stumbled upon the literal end of the rainbow. Angered by the lack of a pot of gold, he kicked the rainbow. However, he was given an aura soon after.

When he entered town, strange things happened. Glass cast rainbows indoors. Babies cried when he walked past. Doctors shunned him. Traders cried. After being chased out by a mob, he sat down and cried. His furious God fired an angry chipmunk down at him, but his aura defended him from it. He then realized his aura wasn't so bad after all. Except for the occasional vomit-inducing migraine, of course.

Theoretical properties

  • Aura forces the heroine to use a healing artifact at 30 hp.[1]
  • Aura forces the heroine to immediately use another healing item if the first one has no health-improving qualities.[2]
  • Aura forces the heroine to go to a town immediately upon reaching 16 hp (including breaking any fights with mundane or undead monsters by way of a flee entry).[3][4]
  • Aura may render heroine immune to traps and meteorites while returning to town.[5]
  • There is some evidence that the aura can help a heroine avoid the worst of a punish's effects.[6]
  • Can cause immediate healing for your heroine.[7]
  • Grants immunity to the "death" voice command,[8] but (ironically) not to death by a monster.[9]

Other effects

  • Passersby are known to receive headaches when looking at your heroine.
  • Can cause pimples large enough to be fatal after the aura wears off.


  1. False. Didn't seem to affect healing usage thresholds or success rates.
  2. False. Seems to happen even without the aura in effect, mostly when the first healing potion is an experience one.
  3. Not always true. Heroine has been observed simply resting under a tree when hp was lower than 16.
  4. A hero with this aura and 8hp was spotted leading his pet to water.
  5. False. Entries can still appear regardless of aura.
  6. Tests may need to be done.
  7. Besides the healing outside of battle when hp<20 and the effects of aura of bliss, this is false.
  8. Apparently discovered on March 1st 2021.
  9. Godville Forum topic 1641, post 557250 by Jimbob64
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