Aura of huckstering

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Auras of Godville
Aura of huckstering
Show me the money!
Effect Temporarily increased payout for a Hero's artifacts
Colour Puce

Although having the most vile colour ever imagined, this aura is by far the most highly valued and sought after.

Huckstering — or better known for its obvious physical side effects of grabbing a trader by the arm, forcing it halfway up his back and making him an offer he can't refuse — is especially prized when in the coin capital Tradeburg.

Traders are possessed by the need to give away their gold in great sums when influenced by the puce ambiance surrounding the hero and some traders have also reported a distinct smell of laundered money after the hero has departed the scene of the crime. And yes folks, it is a crime scene when the helpless trader is bewitched by the alluring and over-emphasized value of useless items — similar to 'beer goggles' the trader sees platinum in the Cracker jack prize and oil seeping out of the torrent seed. When this aura is in play, traders cannot resist going toward your hero.

Heroes would be well advised to get past the 101st milestone — the home milestone of Tradeburg — and return to the closest town to maximize the benefit of their new found weapon of mass bartering.

Example from a hero's diary

!Hero's Diary
06:33 PM The trader told me that playing dumb wouldn't help me get a good price for my empty inventory slot. After wasting half an hour using diagrams and sing-along songs to try to help me understand, he gave up and tearfully handed over 297 coins.

01:39 PM The trader told me that no heroine should own something as powerful as my heart of the Killdebeest, and gave me 9596 coins to destroy it.

12:52 Ate mushmallow. Got a fever and aura of huckstering

17:01 Ate the 8-bit mushroom. Got a fever and an aura of huckstering.

02:27 Wincing and squinting, I thoroughly chewed the champignon. My effort was rewarded with a health boost and an aura of huckstering.

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