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Auras of Godville
Aura of confusion
Effect Annoyingly difficult to read diary entries
Colour Varies by writing style (ЯED, wolleY, dEEp bLuE)

The aura of confusion (along with the historically-named auras of contusion and concussion) - unlike most other auras - is mostly caused by a curse implanted on your heroine or hero from a dying monster. While under this aura's influence, the affected heroine has a lot of trouble making sense.


For April Fools Day 2012, three new auras were introduced to the game: auras of confusion, concussion, and contusion, each with a slightly different effect on the diary. These auras were a success, and the three effects were all rolled together into a single aura of confusion, which has stayed as a permanent game feature since.

With the introduction in September 2019 of Autumn mushrooms seasonal event,[1] eating a mushroom became another possible way for heroines and heroes to catch an aura of confusion.

Obtaining the aura

The Aura of Confusion can either be given to the unsuspecting heroine by killing a monster on the field (although it's extremely rare as one won't encounter it for months on end):

!Heroine's Diary
With its dying breath, the Presidential Seal caused me a severe confusion aura and died. Oh no...

Or as a possible side-effect from consuming/activating an autumn mushroom artifact:

!HErOinE's dIArY
WHat cOuLD hAPPen AfTer eATing A tIny mUSHrOoM? aN aurA of cONfUSIon aND meMOrY lOSS.

Note: Glowing Special monsters will never hand out this aura to their victor upon their own demise. Neither can it be obtained from activatable artifacts granting a random aura (with the exception of the aforementioned mushrooms) nor from the Godville Times' crossword completion.


The aura causes the affected heroine to lack any control (beyond just writing in their diary) with their surroundings which makes her feel dumb and lack any confidence.

Its duration is usually very short compared to other auras - around 15 minutes. It's possible to cure this aura by activating an aura activatable artifact to get a different beneficial (or even detrimental) aura, or by losing to a glowing special monster (or death, which works when no other choice is left.)

Or perhaps a divine influence from a goddess or god by encouraging/punishing their stricken heroine. So, a little praise, or maybe a few lightning bolts to the head, but best of all is back to the tavern for a few refreshing ales to try to mitigate the circumstances... or make it worse.

Besides it being a cosmetic change, what makes this aura a real annoyance to your heroine is the fact that she won't be able to write normal diary entries temporarily.

From the moment the aura manifests, any future diary entries will have their writing style altered into one of three quirks until the very end of its duration.


Due to the world of Godville being loosely connected to its roots, notice how the writing is not only capitalized, but also writes the letters R, N and Y into Я, И and У, respectively:



Akin to a heroine breaking a magic mirror, she might write with the aura of confusion everything spelled backwards:

!yraid s'enioreH
.'dessecorp gnieb si mialc ecnarusni efil ruoY' :daer taht tnemhcrap llams a gnihctulc oreh nials a nopu delbmutS[2]


Some letters may randomly alter its capitalization letter by letter:

!hErOINe's dIAry
NOthInG LIVEs In tHeSE stILl WaTers. BeTtER TRY SoMe OTHeR pLAcE neXT TIme.

Aura end

There is a unique diary entry when the curse is lifted after the time had run out:

!Heroine's Diary
That darned aura of confusion is finally over. At least I don’t have to feel stupid anymore.

Any entries that would appear in the Third Eye while the aura was active will retain the writing quirk there.


  1. Godville Blog, post 127: Poetry & Gathering
  2. Stumbled upon a slain hero clutching a small parchment that read: 'Your life insurance claim is being processed'.
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