Attilla The Nun

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Monsters of Godville
Attilla The Nun
Attila monialis
Class Vatican Warlord
Habitat Churches, Tombs, Fast Food Restaurants
Description Holy And Ready To Kick Butt

The Attila The Nun (Attila monialis) is a monster skilled in acts of holiness, genocide, and murder. It is closely related to Attila The Hun. Like it's distant cousin, Attila The Nun is a great leader, and also a worshiper of God. Because of it's undying loyalty to God, Attila the Nun tries to slaughter any hero who has a god of their own, not attacking the Anti-Hero. Often it is found inside churches, tombs, and fast food restaurants.


The monster often becomes stronger with age. It was first seen soon after it was sighted beating a hero to death with a steel Bible. When it was spotted, it hurled a cross at the witness, blinding him for 2.5 seconds. When he regained sight, the monster was gone. The witness then wandered around, driven insane by what he thought was impossible, eventually getting trapped and finally revealing what the monster was.

Physical Attributes

The monster is said to be 6.4 feet tall, with large cross earrings and wrinkles so wrinkly that their wrinkles have wrinkles. They are also fabled to have a disapproving stare strong enough to petrify and kill heroes up to 6 meters away.

Often Heroes Ask How Strong Their Disapproving Stare Is:

Put simply, it is strong enough that:

  • It makes shoplifters vomit everywhere
  • It makes Heroes pee their pants in shame
  • It makes trees run away crying in shame
  • It kills all insects in a 2.3 mile radius
  • It is radioactive
  • It is strong enough to make other monsters sit down and have group therapy
  • It is strong enough to cause other disapproving people faint



  • Disapproving stare
  • Heroes can get trapped in wrinkles
  • Can throw Bibles and crosses
  • Arthritis cracking causes Heroes to become temporarily deaf


  • Can be stunned when Hero prays to their god
  • Will always deny proof of more than one god
  • Has arthritis
  • Severely allergic to peanuts, other gods, and the iPhone 3G