Attention-seeking missile

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Artifacts of Godville
Attention-seeking missile
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a hero comforting a sad exemplar
Type 🧷Normal
Description an incredibly dependant destructive weapon

The attention-seeking missile is not a bold item for a very good reason: it keeps following its owner, that's why heroes may have some trouble getting rid of one. As the name suggests, it enjoys attracting attention from the hero too much, usually annoying said hero. However, it can be sold to a trader for a decent amount, then the attention-seeking missile will switch its affections and its attention-seeking ways towards the unfortunate and clueless trader.

General Information

It is unclear who (and most importantly why) has created this odd sentient weapons. The most common explanation is that a bunch of warlocks stumbled upon a missile silo near the Passage of the Last Man Lying and, in an attempt to create a new breed of pets, they locked the spirits of defunct pets inside the rockets. As a result, the living missiles behaved like a Firefox or a Grounded Hog, even more because they have spent uncountable years without their masters. This missiles went flying around Godville trying to find new owners, though the new heroes find them too annoying to make them their new pets and just sell them to the nearest trader as an artifact.

Selling Tips

Haggling with the trader is the easy part, the hard task is convincing the missile that the shop owner is his new master. A hero must get them to believe this is just a temporal fix and that after some time they may be back with the hero, by any means necessary. It might sound cruel (which it is) but a hero can't spare a bag of coins, right?