Asynchronized swimming

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Skills of Godville
Asynchronized swimming
Type 🏇Transport
Description Surprisingly working on land journey.

Asynchronized swimming is a skill that is learned.

This comes in quite handy when you are traveling back to town. With this skill you greatly reduce your travel time, as if swimming through water in a well choreographed routine.

At higher levels the hero may move so fast on their way home that they are doing cartwheels, jogging, or even sprinting as fast as they can across the water. (This especially happens when something slimy touches their leg or decides to nibble on the hero's toe.)


Level 1-5

At this level the hero appears to dog paddle through the air just over land and water.


Level 6-10

Beginning at level 6 the hero can learn techniques to maneuver through the air, executing daring acrobatics.


Level 10-20

Although this may look like a hero that's about to belly flop it is actually one attempting to perfect the superhero glide style of Asynchronized swimming.


Level 21+

This hero has indeed mastered the superhero glide and uses it to great effect.