Ashbringers Garrison

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The Ashbringers Garrison traces its history to the Lamplighters Guild of Beerbourg, and the Toy Invasion 63 years ago. When the The Terrible Toy Tinker laid siege to the town, many of the town's inhabitants were at a loss of how to defend their homes. With many of the ranking officials in various states of intoxication, no firm plan could be made on how to drive back the army of toys.

Finally, one young man by the name of Barromy Bellows, one of the local lamp lighters for the town concocted his own plan. He rallied a handful of his fellow lighters and with buckets of pitch and small barrels of lamp oil, they snuck out in the night. Stealthily, they moved among the tents and racks and set the pitch and oil carefully, lighting it all before hurrying back into town. The tents passed the licking fires onto the mostly wooden toys, and very quickly the entire force of the Terrible Toy Tinker had turned to tinders and ash.

As the residents of Beerbourg woke that morning, the ash from the invading toys drifted over the town like grey snow. When the mayor demanded answers, Barromy and his fellows stepped forward and took credit, and to their surprise the mayor decreed the troupe to be part of the town's defences, calling them the Ashbringer's Garrison.

These days the Garrison fills its ranks with adventurers and heroes dedicated to keeping the cities and towns safe from the many threats that threaten to overwhelm them.