Ash Corde

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Ash Corde
Champion of the God: Dichotomy
Personality: Sarcastic
Gender: Female
Level: 68
Motto: Feed me paper!
Wins / Losses: 31 / 15
Temple Completion Date: Completed
Pet Type: Firefox
Pet Name: Olwyn
Pet Level: Dead
Pet Healing Count: 1
Favorite Town: Godville
Most Hated Monster: Generic Enemy

Made Pantheon of Storytelling: 2093 g.e

Pet Tamed: 2096 g.e

Current Pet Personality: Mighty

All Pet Personalities: Frisky, Nimble, Mighty

Date of Creation: 2067 g.e

Longest Arena Battle: 35 Turns against Ethelrist.

Deaths: Many

Favorite Quest: Refuse to Master Reverse Psychology