Ash Bloods

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The Ash Bloods guild was founded by Xze during one of his casual journeys. Xze was walking down yet another milestone and was starting to question death and all the minor problems it caused. Then Xze stumbled upon an old phoenix. The phoenix was red and only had one talon, in which allowing it to either fly or hop like many godville heroes when they are drunk. After seeing the old phoenix die, and turn into a pile of ashes, Xze (Drunk as always) decided to cut his arm open and insert some in him. He believes the ashes will hopefully cause him to be ressurected quicker or even grant him the ablities of the old phoenix. He then realized the gift must be shared and so gathered the bag of ashes and the new baby phoenix inside a cage.

After that, the Ash Bloods guild was founded and now members of it are eager to find new members, and to perform the initiation of stuffing phoenix ashes inside them after successfully attaining the rank of Recruit. The phoenix (Named One-Foot) is kept in a cage inside the guilds HQ. Rumours persist that members feed One-Foot beer as to get the recruits drunk.