Arse H

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Arse H
Champion of the God: The Arseless
Personality: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Motto: No Hole! No End!
Guild: Harvest Moon
Guild Rank: Intern
Guild Position: Coat Hanger
Pet Type: Ninja Tortoise
Favorite Town: Tradesburg
Personal Rival: You


Hailing from the southern part of Godville, Arse H is the sole champion of God The Arseless.


The Chosen Hero

Once upon a time in Godville, in a dark and scary night, a chosen hero was born by the might of The Arseless One. From the womb of the Virgin Mary Jane, on the altar inside Temple of the Unholed, the Unholed Sisters babbled their prayers on the birth of the baby.

As expected from the blessing of the Arseless God, the baby was afflicted with a kind of mutation which also afflicts every followers of The Arseless One, an arse without a hole. Virgin Mary Jane decided to name his baby champion Arse H, which later known widely as Arse the Unholed.

The Unholed Concession

Marking the start of the Heroic Era of the Unholed religion, the mighty God allowed a Hero to be his messenger with total free will. This resulted in the hero to begin questioning everything, including his affliction. He became a total douchebag. People in his village called him “Asshole with no Asshole”

In his early days before his Championing Day, Arse always wondered about his unfortunate syndrome. Born without arsehole made Arse H feel that there’s a power behind the unholed arse. With the advice from the Unholed Sisters, Arse stepped on his journey to find the light and responsibility of this so-called Arseless God.

No Hole! No End!
— -Arse the Unholed

The Journey

Arse H was thrown into the place he never knew before. He saw people with their own personal lightning effects and lighting effects walking desperately on the road. He learned that monsters were guarding the road. They seemed strong, but they never so sure why they were guarding the road.

He heard voices in his head and signs along the road and when he was smacking monsters. Sometimes tablets with messages etched into it fell from the sky, scribbled with words telling him things he never want to do.

"Am I going crazy???"

He never know what he’s doing. He never understand what the priests are saying He just want a single arsehole.

The Revelation

The Arseless had decided to send his message to His champion for the first time. “You are my champion!”, a silly helium effect voice boomed from the sky. Stunned by the voice, he almost turned his pants into a clogged closet.

Arse H realized that it’s what he always looking for, The One who’s responsible for everything.

“Who are you?”

“I am The Arseless”

There’s a very long pause before Arse H quickly turned his back, without any words.

A God with no asshole can’t bless me with one
— -Arse the Unholed

The Taste of Death

Naming The Arseless as The Useless One, Arse followed his own path to build his new career. He didn’t need his God. He could do it himself.

However his taking on dangerous ways resulted in an unexpected meeting with powerful monsters. Ended with a failed roundhouse kick, Arse H fell on the ground and died for the first time,

but not the last.

The Stage of Anger

Arse H were so excited knowing he would left this cruel world. However, without any warning, The Arseless resurrected him.

Still without a hole.

Holding a grudge against his God, Arse began questioning Him. However the results was unexpected.

Lightning shocks and bolts came from the dark sky upon him. Resulting in severe wound.

‘Beat me! I am not afraid of you! Vengeful One’

He turned to know the dark side of himself. A vicious hero whose, for once again, became an “asshole with no ass hole”

The Stage of Denial

Arse H entered his stage of denial. He denied everything in this realm. A simple chatter in a tavern turn into a flaming arguments between Arse and the bartender about the shape of a real arsehole. The bartender whose always known as the commonly-believed round-holer insisted that the shape of an arsehole is, for a fact, round.

However, in his severe stage of denial, Arse H created a new wave of followers, the flat-hole society who believed that an asshole is, actually, unnatural. It was supposed to be flat and nonexistent.

Being a true man of his words, Arse H declared his own guild of people who deny the round hole of asshole. It was known as “Truth Deniers”, as a mockery of people who support the existence of an arsehole.

However the guild doesn't last long. In the middle of making the guild. He ended his stage of denial into the stage of bargaining.

The Flat-Hole Society still prevail as a notorious community even without it's actual founder, Arse H during his alcohol-induced denial stage.

The Stage of Bargaining