Arrange a date between Burger King and Dairy Queen

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Quests of Godville


Arrange a date between Burger King and Dairy Queen
Be ye the man of wings.
A royal date.jpg
The loving couple in disguise.

In our play, a mighty champion shall lend their noble aid to a couple of starcross lovers.

A tale old as dirt

Two restaurants, both alike in dignity, in fair Godville town where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. Where cooking blood makes cooking hands unclean.

In the days of old the Burgers and the Dairies shared a restaurant near the arena. But the death of the owner prompted a dispute between the two houses, who fought bitterly for the restaurant, which ended up burning to the ground as most godvillian buildings do. Nowadays their heirs, the Burger King and the Dairy Queen, are forced to uphold this conflict. But behind the flames of hate is the bonfire of passion. Their love is alas forbidden, but every now and then the two royals flee on a secret date with the help of a willing heroine.

Meet me at midnight

In order to flee the household, the monarchs have to go out to visit "a friend" who lives far away from Godville. In the most secretive manner they scurry towards the outskirts of Godville, where a champion is awaiting with a veiled carriage they stocked with the finest and the fanciest. All fit to cater their whims and make the couple comfortable on their love trip. They depart, guided by the heroine towards an idlic place to please the lover's taste.

Most of the heroic deeds required are just tending to the monarchs needs and whims. Keeping threats and onlookers at bay is also often necessary, and violent means almost unavoidable. All at all they just wish for a romantic getaway that would get them killed if it became 'vox populi'. Go along with them and you'll see yourself generously rewarded not only in gold but in burgers and sundaes.

Tips for completion

  • Try to find a scenic route for your royal patrons. Just wherever there are sunsets, fields of flowers and generally no people around.
  • Keep your hands to yourself, the king and queen have expensive tastes. Remember that stealing even a crumb of their bread will get you deep fried.
  • Bring magazines, crosswords, sudokus or whatever. It's gonna be a long trip and while they have the sweet embrace of each other you'll have no other company than your pet.


A bag of gold coins and an hour alone with all the fast food you can dream of, as you'll be allowed into the kitchens and royally fed by the servants.