Army of the 12 monkeys

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The 'Army of 12 monkeys' was formed when 12 monkeys decided that it was time to show the world that the Zodiac and the Horoscope were redundant and every month should be represented by a monkey instead. Armed with caffeinated bananas and brains slightly larger than the average monkey ( in other words, hero-sized), they took the celestial signs to court in a lawsuit. A year later, seeing no end to the squabble, a local judge in exasperation gave the monkeys an island on which they could rule, and thus record themselves in history as celestial legends. They later became a guild for a rogue's gallery of hero's, drunkards, and neer-do-wells.

Present Times

The 'Army of 12 monkeys' consist of followers who lived on the initial island and gradually grew to accept and believe in the celestial calendar of the 12 monkeys. These followers have spread far and wide through Godville, converting many to their beliefs through confusion and much monkeying about. A signature move all followers have is the 'Dance of the 13th Monkey', a move that creates an illusion that there's a monkey there when in fact, none exists. This overused move has encouraged the enlistment of many monkeys who join due to 'peer' pressure and hopes of fitting in.