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Artifacts of Godville
Ark safety checklist
Type 🧷Normal
Description Pre-sail checklist to ensure standards compliance

The completion of an Ark safety checklist is an important ritual that heroes should undertake before each potential voyage.


Issued by the Godville Port Authority, this is supposed to be completed by a heroine before they are allowed to leave the port for a jaunt on the high seas. This is then filed so that in the event of any disaster, blame can be apportioned accordingly. In practice, due to most heroes happy-go-lucky nature & more-or-less trust in the watchfulness of their goddess, this form ends up being hastily completed & handed to the most officious looking bystander.


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It is unknown whether the checklists that make their way around the monster-heroine-trader cycle are blank, completed or a mix of both states. Presumably, due to the lack of care prospective sailors show in who they hand these to, completed forms can easily make their way into circulation. Improper disposal of filing from the port authority archives is also presumed to be a source. In a world where any old trash is worth something, flogging old checklists would be an easy way to extra income for an unscrupulous dockyard clerk.