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Artifacts of Godville
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description A doping substance for heroes
Cost No godpower
Effect Send to the Arena

The Arenalin is an activatable artifact that comes in a hero-proof syringe.


There is only one thing heroes like more than beer, and that is fighting each other in front of a crowd. That's why CML (Chiron Medical Labs) thought developing a chem to keep heroes dueling around the clock would be the biggest heroing product since beer. In theory it was fail-proof, single-use syringes filled with tree sap and a dozen different spices that would make the heroes rush to the arena looking for a fight.

After realizing arenalin they found out the first design flaw, heroes kept stabbing themselves accidentally with the needles and ended up fighting the city guard or even the trees. After placing a hero-safe cap, the CML I+D department saw the second problem, heroes had to wait that long in the arena that the arenalin wore out long before the fight. After a while arenalin was terminated, yet a rogue scientist managed to take the formula and a batch of syringes.

Nowadays he keeps manufacturing bootleg arenalin in some faraway den, selling them to ignorant monsters who believe it will give them superpowers.


This artifact cannot be used to send heroes to the Arena during ZPG Arena time (5 first minutes of each hour). If the artifact is used during those five minutes, it will be replaced by another bold or activatable artifact at random.