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📜This article is about something which is no longer in the game.
The subject of this article was once a part of Godville, but is no longer. It is kept for historical or creative value. Please don't mark for deletion without discussion, but further creativity or information are welcome!
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The information here mostly pertains to skirmishes, which were removed from the game in June 2014.[1] For the main page about modern dueling in Godville, see Arena.

A fight between two heroes is an astonishing spectacle, and a crowd soon gathers...

A hero must be at least level 10 to partake in a duel. It used to be that duels could either take place out in the wild during questing (referred to as skirmishes) or could take place in the arena (arena duels); as of June 2014, however, skirmishes no longer take place. Sparring duels between friends also can take place, but this article details how skirmishes in particular used to work.

Skirmish fights do not usually end with the Death of one of the heroes, as sometimes one of them might flee or both of the heroes may change their mind and settle the dispute peacefully. The lucky winner of the skirmish always gets a load of experience. The winner also gets all the loser’s loot, gold and sometimes a piece of Equipment or a Gold brick out of the rival’s pockets. The winner also gets a special trophy from his enemy–-the rival’s ear or some other ID (like a lock of hero's hair), which are very valuable among the traders. Usually however, the loser is just left on low health afterwards.

  • These fights go on a turn by turn basis, to make sure that both heroes have roughly the same chances. Each turn takes approximately 40 seconds. A god's action is supposed to reach the ground at the beginning of the next turn. Turn progress can be estimated by the onscreen progress indicator.
  • If lower-levelled heroes didn’t have a chance to win, the heroes wouldn’t have met. In Godville, a bit of a level difference does not give a significant advantage to a higher-level hero. The outcome of such a battle is completely unpredictable. This is because the amount of damage a hero inflicts is randomly decided from a certain range of values so is not dependent on the level of the hero or their equipment.
  • Skirmishes only occur when two heroes who have not been in the arena for a while reach exactly the same milestone.They are more likely to occur after the heroes have been in town. However, it is possible for a hero to have been fighting monsters and have lost some life before entering a skirmish. Unlike Arena battles, heroes are not healed to full health when starting a skirmish.
  • To prevent over-prolonged duels, after 50 turns, heroes will inflict greater damage and heal more.
  • Sending the hero to the arena prevents skirmishes from occurring for at least 3 days.

A God's influence in Duels

The Remote Control of both gods will not work within the first two minutes of a fight to give gods time to look around and prepare. Once controls are unlocked, a god can help their hero by encouraging or punishing him or by sending a god voice. Keep in mind that whilst a hero is in a duel,the gods are still up there in the clouds, so the influences from above can easily miss their intended target and voices can be misinterpreted.

To prevent god command abuse in a duel, the number of influences a god can do is limited according to this formula: “rival’s influences + 4”. Sending a god voice is not considered as an influence in this formula.