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Monsters of Godville
Class Arch-class
Habitat Underwater
Description Archnettles hurt like hell

Hailing from the Archenenoreef section of the Archocean, the Arch-Anemone's main defense is attaching its venomous tentacles to your hero and stinging them. Its sting is said to be many times more painful than a papercut.


Hunted at a young age by various marine creatures wanting a snack, Arch-Anemones are very shy and reserved, and desperately lonely for non-marine company. However, their shocking appearance and dangerous tentacles make this impossible.

This monstrous beast lurks beneath piers, rivers and lakes, emerging behind your hero to try and engage in a friendly conversation. The idiotic hero will then assume the Arch Anemone's desperate attempts at communication are threats to attack them and so engages in battle. Luckily, the Arch-Anemone always manages to slip back into the safety of the water unscathed every time. This fact makes the monster extra infuriating to heroes, some of which will devote their lives to foiling the poor anemone's attempts to socialize.



  • Painful stings
  • Extremely painful stings
  • Large amounts of extremely painful stings
  • More stings, also extremely painful
  • Can breathe underwater


  • Anemone-eating fish
  • SCUBA divers
  • Anti-sting cream