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Once upon a time, an internet user named Robin1996ify (Ausar the Vile on FFN) had a split headache. Turns out, the headache was in fact two different personalities of Ify, who want to be free from their master's head. Robin1996ify used her sword to cut off her head and grabbed out these personalities away from her head. One of these personalities is very gentle, the other one is mess up. The 'mess up' personality is named Arcano and the 'gentler' one is named Nirnya.

Arcano is given the rights to rule over Robin1996ify's arts and creativity domain, while Nirnya is given the rights to rule over Robin1996ify's writing and literature domain. They balanced those realms quite perfectly.

One day, Arcano was bored with his job and demanded Robin1996ify to give him something to do. Robin1996ify agreed and gave him a task. Arcano was given a new responsibility. He have to watch over a mortal (who will be picked up by Robin1996ify, randomly) and if he's succeed, that said mortal will become his champion and Robin1996ify will let Arcano go as an independent god.

Arcano of course was excited. Unfortunately for him, Robin1996ify has other plan. Instead of choosing a clever mortal, she choose a very low intelligent mortal named Malicius, who is quite a rebel and doesn't like to obey everyone commands, including Arcano's. Robin1996ify secretly gave Malicius a task to always appeased Arcano and keep an eye of him for her. For Robin1996ify and Nirnya knows what would happen if Arcano become too proud for himself...


Being the right mind of Robin1996ify, Arcano is quite eccentric and possibly random. He loved drawing and often hanging around in deviantART. He will be very kind if someone likes his arts and very angry if someone flamed his arts. He loyal to Robin1996ify, because she was his creator and jealous at Nirnya, who is Robin1996ify's most favorite goddess and her favored one when it comes to important tasks.

Unfortunately, Arcano appear to build his own personalities as his own power grows even more powerful than ever. This is what Robin1996ify and Nirnya feared of. It is good thing that Robin1996ify sent Arcano to join 'Companions of the Nine' guild, otherwise Arcano will become a feral god.