Arbitrary Legends

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Some guilds have a long tradition of giving a home to Heroes and Heroines of grand reputation, those who have performed deeds great and noble. This may or may not be one of those grand institutions.

Founded in the Fourteenth Day of Her Lord Rivan by the mighty Kitrasina, she who slew the *cough*somethingorother*cough* in the bowels of *cough*somewhere*cough*. It rapidly grew to be the home of many arbitrarily good and or evil Heroes and Heroines who had done... things... from time to time. Some of those things, however, may have been mightily heroic in nature, and aspired to be truly legendary.

The guild is home to countless heroes (who can actually be counted, but the number seems to change from day to day) who may or may not have done glorious deeds in the name of their gods but spin their tales none the less so they may one day become tales that minstrels sing about.

We Gods can hope they will anyway.