Apocalypse Cow

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Monsters of Godville
Apocalypse Cow
Class Cow
Description Unknown

The Apocalypse cow is a monster that has been created by the gods to warn people of the Apocalypse. It was supposed to come to Godville 5 years before the end of the world but due to an accident the apocalypse cow came much earlier. Thousands of years earlier to be exact.

Once it came to Godville it tried to find itself a proper home, but no hotel or motel would accept it because of all the gases it had (cows fart a lot). Then she tried to find herself a house to buy or rent but she realised she had no money. The apocalypse cow tried finding a job but no one wanted a monster for an employee. That is when she got mad. The creature has spent days trying to find a way to adapt to this new world and simultaneously not be treated as an animal. She was not an animal. But she was a monster. The apocalypse cow murdered the last guy who interviewed her and denied her the job. Then she went after all the others and killed them, too. When it was over there were 47 victims to the cow’s wrath.

The mayor of the city decided to announce that there will be a reward for whoever kills her. The reward was so big that everyone at this city decided to take a chance and go after the monster. The apocalypse cow ran out of town and into the countryside where it continued killing people just for the sake of it. As I said she went mad.



  • Scares most heroes
  • Weapons for the REAL apocalypse
  • Farts can potentially kill heroes


  • Sometimes paces around waiting for the apocalypse, therefore she is scared easily
  • Has a G1,400,000 (1.4 million gold) bounty on her head
  • No one likes it, so you can tell her that