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Guild Page: Anteiku 

One day, in one of Godville's guilds, a conversation was interrupted by a lick and a peck of an undead woman. Curious, all of the members of the guild asked her what she licked and pecked, but the only clue she gave them is, "blergh". No one could make any sense of what she had said, and with their curiosity still unsatisfied, two people from the guild decided to form a team, the sole purpose of which is to unravel the mysteries of what the zombie licked.

A few weeks into the investigation, a lull in the lives of our gods caused them to utter random words to try to lessen their ever increasing boredom. This caused confusion, most especially for the zombie, and when she was asked what she licked, she answered, "lid".

It was then that the guild was thrown into complete and utter chaos, for that one word she said, had answered all the questions the investigators wanted to answer.

"Lid" was the name bestowed to one of the members of the guild, specifically, one of the detectives investigating the case of the zombie. Betrayed and hurt, some of the guild's oldest members shunned him and branded him as traitor, forgetting to wait for his side of the story.

When the one who was known as Lid returned from his adventurous quest into the Land of Dreams, he was horrified at what happened. He immediately explained to the others that it was a misunderstanding, that it wasn't his fault, because he had too much #SWAG to take note of every person who licked and pecked him, if the undead zombie had indeed licked him.

Feeling sorry for their actions, the guild members revoked his title as the traitor and welcomed Lid back into the guild with open arms, however one big problem still remained. The one who was known as Lid, never really wanted to he called Lid, and he still wished for people to stop calling him that, much to everyone's dismay. People started arguing against him, defending their right to call him Lid, for it was a name befitting of a leader, or in his case, a man soon to become one.

It was then that the guild's priestess announced #LIDSWAG as the guild's official hash tag, which the right hand man of Lid agreed to, and Lid became the unofficial leader of the guild. Soon after this event, the advisor (now known as The Lidvisor) had sworn fealty to the leader, Lid (now known as King Lid), with his right hand man, the undead woman and the priestess following his footsteps immediately.

The king and his loyal subjects then decided to take over all the other guilds for world domination, but one of the members refused to do so and decided to start a rebellion against the king, although no one listened to him, for they had all followed the king of their own accord.

The king decided on titles for his court, declaring himself as King Lid, his right hand man as Count Quartz the fist of King Lid (or Count Quartz the #LIDHAND), the Priestess remained as she was (due to the fact that she was just a commoner before), and the advisor as Lidvisor. The undead woman volunteered herself as a concubine, although the king had planned for her to be the scribe.



It turns out the the zombie had yet to reveal her big secret. Although the king was often licked by his admirers, the zombie was not one of the lickers, and the investigation is back to square one.

Then the Terrorist, Bootifer, came and overthrew the guild because he was sick of the leader at that time's Kindness. He single-handedly destroyed the powers that be and chased them away. Fun was finally gone from the guild of Anteiku, all because of the Evil Dictator; Senõr Bootifer McBoots.

Not long after the terrorist Bootifer chased away the founding members of the once fun and happy guild, the remaining members soon had to deal with his tyranny alone. the rabid dictator was soon alone due to his own actions. with no one left to harass, Bootifer soon moved on to another guild to terrorize and enrage others. After a while, the wise and kind Lidvisor, Also know as RixRyu, returned to see if his beloved guild yet remained only to find that it was deserted except for a handful of members hiding in the background. Beset by sadness, he vowed to make the effort to reestablish Anteiku. This once great guild full of friends and merriment would once again shine. As long as the wicked Bootifer was gone, fun and freedom and friendship would once again reign!