Ankle Biter

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Monsters of Godville
Ankle Biter
Class Humanoid
Habitat Villagers’ house, playgrounds, town squares
Description Folks of lower altitude

The Ankle-biter (malleolus morsus) is a feisty pint-sized beast that is often regarded as cutesy tiny person, and surprisingly often mistaken for halflings. Its signature move is to appear as an innocent and adorable creature before going in for the kill by physically assaulting its foes’ ankles and crushing their achilles heels, or driving them towards utter insanity. Often seen gurgling to itself, it can swing from meek to aggressive at little to no provocation. It is prone to temper tantrums over the most mundane things, which gives it additional attack power. Heroes are advised to plan their strategies against this highly dangerous monster accordingly to these facts.



  • Crushing heroes’ ankles
  • Screams like a banshee and bursting heroes’ eardrums
  • Asks endless questions about trivial things
  • Pulling down heroes’s pants


  • Baths
  • Various food allergies, mainly in the vegetable group
  • Falls asleep during or after meals, or after temper tantrums
  • Easily distracted by visual slapsticks by taller people