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Monsters of Godville
Cartoonus Characterus
Class Mammal
Habitat Godvillewood movie lots
Description A dog-like creation with bad jokes

The Animaniac (Cartoonus characterus) is a monster that is zany to the max. The Animaniac is a black and white dog-like creature known for its irreverent humor and violent tendencies. To date, scientists have not yet determined if the Animaniac really is a dog or is some sort of mouse-like creation wearing clothes.

Scientists have identified three type of Animaniacs; one is a male who is tall and often wears brown pants, one is short male with a red cap and a blue shirt, and the third is a female who wears a pink skirt. All wear white gloves to hide their hideously scarred hands.

Heroes who defeat an Animaniac are requested to bring the body back to the Warner movie lot so the monster keeper there can lock the Animaniac in the water tower. On occasion, the body of the Animaniac will resurrect, break loose from its water tower cage, and then vamoose.

Heroes who encounter an Animaniac are advised to use ear plugs as their jokes are even worse than the most down-voted ideabox submission.



  • Its attack will make heroes laugh ‘til they collapse
  • Packs away the snacks
  • Has very strong slacks reinforced with bologna
  • Knows the capitals of all fifty states and can point out every country on the map


  • Totally insane
  • Can only fight for twenty-two minutes
  • Distracted by good looking nurses
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