Angry Bird Keepers

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The “Angry Bird Keepers” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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This guild is for the most part, a ragtag group of bird keepers who are angry because their birds' eggs were eaten, and the birds chased after the pigs committing the crime. The bird keepers tried to drench their sorrows in the bar, strangely enough called the Angry Bird. The keepers, finding a shared purpose, decided to band together to find their lost birds.

The Power of Birds

The keepers eventually found a sign, depicting their birds launching themselves out of slingshots and into pig-constructed buildings. The keepers, having the intelligence of heroes ,( because they were), did not realize that pig construction was horrible, and started tracking down the birds to use as weapons of mass destruction. Needless to say, they found the birds, but tried throwing them instead of using a slingshot. This technique failed, and, during the fight with the monster, their gods took pity on them and sent a slingshot from the heavens, along with an icy bird. The heroes, in their stupidity, threw the slingshot at the monster. The heroes eventually triumphed in their fight, and learned how to use the slingshot.

The Grouping

As time went on, the keepers decided to each use only one type of bird, to prevent a phenomenon known as "lag". The keepers chose between a yellow bird, a blue bird, a black bird, a white bird, a green boomerang bird, or an ice bird. As new keepers join the guild, they choose a baby bird of their own to raise and to fight with, ensuring that the legacy of angry bird keepers lives on.


We at the ABK share facilities with some other small guilds. The facilities we share are a casino, a bar, a barracks, and a bath house. The only facilities we at ABK own are our own aviary and our own flight simulator (shooting range).