Angel of escalation and assassination

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Angels of escalation ans assassination was created after the great Gd1 was resurrected for the second time. Gd1 Realized that he had been blessed and in being so he needed To escalate every bad situation and assassinate as much important Wrong doing monster and demons and warriors as possible. so he set out on a quest to gather the strong who where like minded At first and for along time he was just assassinating most of the applicants Just because they weren't worthy of the cause so he set out again . Learning to master his opportunity and opponents he lean to not hate the weak and stupid but to teach them of the way of assassination and escalation....... yeah stupid its art .....and it needs to be mastere


  • must not be a stupid
  • must love to assassinate
  • must have atleast one skill
  • never run away like a lil girl
  • never cry
  • never eat dirt
  • never let a trader rip u off and don't kill him
  • scare wolves
  • have a accident that left a brown stain in your pants