Angel Lilith

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She believes her quest to be a saint one, while she is really paving her road to hell.

Angel Lilith has perhaps the most horrible fate of all heroes in Godville, it's one thing to have an evil God who makes you go on evil conquests, it's a completely other thing if your God isn't a real God, but a Heretic to all other Gods. Angel Lilith was introduced to this fate.

One day her God forgot to set an alarm clock, and as a result he slept in without paying attention to his heroine, the heroine was lured by the smell of candy from a eerie red church that she noticed and headed towards it, once inside she was tricked into believing that only not that she is there she has gained a God, and that that God wants her to do his bidding, which is making others believe that her new God is the only God, and all others are phonies, what she didn't know is that her new God was originally a human, and therefore her conquest would distort the balance of faith itself.

She walked in as a normal person and walked out as an enemy of all Gods. Her first God was bullied away by other Gods for being an incompetent fool.

On her Conquest, despite having a nice personality and a loving attitude towards all and everything all heroes always have a very dark attitude towards her, they often themselves wonder why that is, but can't figure it out, it's because their Gods keep whispering in their ears: "That girl is phooey, she's bad, no touchy no feely, she's BAD, BAD BAD BAD BAD"

Angel Lilith loves all, but none love Angel Lilith.