Angel’s feather

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Artifacts of Godville
Angel’s feather
Wings Angel3.jpg
Type 💎Bold
Description Unknown

This particular Artifact is the reward for completing the Mini-quest Help an angel earn its wings.

Heroes who have walked a righteous path, and found sufficient feathers, string and wax will receive this bonus.

  • Note that an Angels' feather is a valuable artifact worth many a coin. Sell at any trader.
  • The feather can also be sharpened and used as a quill pen for writing in one's diary when that trusty pencil fails.
  • Tie the feather to a string and dangle it in front of your pet's nose to keep it amused for hours.
  • A clever Hero will stick the feather in his cap at a jaunty angle to greatly improve his influence in town !

Mini-Quest Progression

  1. Help an angel earn its wingsAngel’s feather (bold) →
  2. Find where angels fear to treadInvite to hell (bold) →
  3. Calculate a snowball’s chance in hellWet pants (regular) →
  4. Die another day – segue to boss →
  5. Boss – Ancient Demon