Ancient Geek

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Monsters of Godville
Ancient Geek
Nerdicus Geriatricus
Class Nerds and Geeks
Habitat Conventions, Subterranean areas, Bookstores
Wanted on Unknown g.e.
Description A geek of great age and power, with numerous collectibles at their disposal.

The Ancient Geek is the oldest, and most powerful, form of nerd or geek. Entering the field in a cloud of cheesy dust from their favorite snacks, their presence should strike fear into the hearts of Heroes everywhere... when the heroes are done mocking them for their outdated sense of fashion.



  • Amazing knowledge of media, even the oldest forms.
  • Extremely high position on the Monster’s Pantheon of Survival
  • Their cheesy dust attack can blind unwary heroes


  • Insults still sting just as bad as they did all those years back
  • Most of their immense knowledge is useless in actual applications.
  • Will surrender if you threaten to unpack their first edition Chrono trigger