Anavrin Sevil

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Anavrin Sevil is the guild that holds all things sacred in life. We believe that good natured people are sacred. Long ago, somebody told me that smiling people like to lie, but I just think that they should all just die. Tell me is this what you want, tell me is this what you need, tell me do you want to kill and tell me, do you like the way you feel?

The best things in life cost a lot of money. If you want to turn the other cheek, you just look left. Heaven holds a place for those who pray. Let's all pray to Superman! Walking down a lonely road you find a man lying motionless in the grass, what do you do first? How many letters are in all of the alphabets in the world? Mine is yours, unless it's mine.

We as a guild strive to make no sense and rattle off about stuff. Join Now!