Amiable Snowman

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Monsters of Godville
Amiable Snowman
Description Unknown

The Amiable Snowman was created one beautiful winter morning by a few small children.

After it greeted them, however, they ran away screaming, although the Amiable Snowman did not understand why. It has always lived a life of solitude because everyone thinks it is going to attack them, and either run away from it or attack it first. If only they realized it was only going to invite them to an après-ski party with ice cream. It usually tries to avoid others to avoid conflict as a result of these mistakes, and will only ever fight in defence. The lives of Amiable Snowmen are usually quite short, since it can only live through one season and might be killed by a Hero before it melts from the sun's heat naturally anyway, though sometimes it can live for longer with many ice-packs.



  • Its size and fearsome hideousness, causing others to run away in terror
  • Can throw snowballs even when there is no snow, momentarily blinding victims
  • Great strength, gives very frigid and constrictive hugs, often suffocating people while also freezing them at the same time


  • Heat
  • Low self-esteem due to everyone avoiding it