Alter Ego

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Alter Ego
Mutare Ego
Strong Monster
Class Solid Illusion
Habitat The Myst
Description This could be you

The Alter Ego fights you with your own moves and will give the heroine the impression that they are fighting their own reflection. It is the mirrored version of the heroine made from the random rampant gas that forms around Godville. In some cases the Alter Ego becomes far more than just a reflection and starts to take the form of a better version of the heroine, with greater strength and powers. Unfortunately, since the heroine isn't very bright and doesn't have much potential, the Alter Ego isn't very different from the heroine at all, except perhaps being marginally stupider, but that's debatable.



  • Will always be slightly stronger and faster
  • Its stupidity doesn't always tell it when it dies


  • Doesn't have a god
  • Its armor and weapons are fake copies of the Hero's
  • May be even more stupid than the Hero