All Fnosses

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All Fnosses
Guild Page: All Fnosses 

"What the heck is 'All Fnosses'!?" That's probably is what in your mind right now. Well SIR, MADAM or whatever you are! It's a guild.. duh *making a dumb face*.

Founded by 2 partners in crime; Charli Bambaki and Ssenthlis. Through a ridiculous debate about even way more ridiculous name, 'All Fnosses' is what they chose. Cryptic, ain't it? Ye, it's just because our minds are so well developed you know.. *chuckles* *drools* *drools even more* *now it's flooding.*


Ah! Where was I? Oh yeah, the obscure meaning in our guild's name...

Bet you don't have any idea of what it is aren't you?

HA! Thought so, your brains are not as superior as mine and my partner's!

Enough about our brilliant, brilliant minds..

Now, I've stalled you long enough because I was making this up while writing those 4 lines..


'All Fnosses' means 3 things:

  1. We're all bosses, we're all the same, none are better than the other.
  2. We all beat the crap out of dungeon and underground bosses.
  3. And of course, we's all havin' fun!

What are you waiting for!? Come join us at 'All Fnosses'!

Still a work in progress, you haven't seen the last of me...

Srri fer teh bed grimmer, wrytn by and Asian.