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Champion of the God: Dragolord
Personality: Virtuous
Gender: Male
Level: 41
Motto: For Godville!
Guild: Guardians of the Arx
Guild Rank: Hierarch

Akhorn was once the Sorcerer-Lord of an ancient kingdom, now lost far in the mists of time. When the great wave of Locaha came and threatened to destroy the kingdom, Akhorn used all of his magical skill in order to freeze it solid. The force and repercussions of this spell were so great that not only did it awake the god Dragolord from his sleep of aeons in his high seat in the Darklands and cause him to once again take an interest in the mortal plane, but also caused Akhorn to sleep for a thousand years and, once he awoke, believe that he is a hero whose purpose in life is to get so drunk that he stays inebriated permanently.