Aimless Archer

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Monsters of Godville
Aimless Archer
sagittarius caecae
Class Humanoid
Description Unknown

The Aimless Archer (sagittarius caecae) is a monster that is said to be part of a garrison of the Bumchester's best archers. They were put on defense of the town, when the garrison went hunting. Two hours later, they came back to the town without eyes, shouting about a large magical pig that took their eyes so that he could finally get his degree at university. The whole garrison then went insane and ventured into the forest, desperate to find the pig and get their eyes back. Unfortunately, due to their blindness, they often attack heroes instead.



  • Heightened senses
  • Doesn't like bacon
  • Can sense pigs
  • Cannot be blinded


  • They often shoot themselves
  • Can be tricked into walking into walls or swords
  • Can be fended away with bacon
  • Hates being poked by sticks