Agmund Vidarr

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Agmund Vidarr
Champion of the God: CG13
Personality: ornery
Gender: Male
Level: 18
Motto: Start bloody bleeding!
Guild: Voracious Vikings
Guild Rank: master
Guild Position: Founder
Wins / Losses: 11 / 2
Pet Type: significant otter
Most Hated Monster: Pirate of The 7 Cs


Agmund Vidarr doesn't have much of a story to tell. One night he was at his home, the next he was in the strange world of Godville. He's seen no reason to complain, seeing as his animalistic bloodlust and general lack of regard for his own well-being have gotten him farther here than they ever did back home. He looks a bit out of place, with his grey skin and horns that stick out of holes in his helmet. However, he's still a fine here, despite all the punishment he receives from his god, CG13. Part of the reason for said punishment is Agmund's complete lack of belief in CG13. He instead chooses to worship some strange version of the Norse pantheon, in which all the gods also have grey skin and horns. Also of note is his hatred of pirates, which stems from his belief that he is an actual viking.